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New students

My group's research is mainly based at Carleton. Possible projects include:

  • Search for dark matter with DEAP-3600: data analysis and operation
  • Simulation and expected performance of future liquid-argon detectors looking for dark matter: DarkSide-20k and ARGO with the Global Argon Dark Matter Collaboration
  • Cryogenic silicon photomultiplier detector research and development, including for nEXO

Prospective graduate students, please read the Department of Physics recruitment page for information on programs, admission requirements and application process.

More information can be found here for undergraduates:

Please don't hesitate to contact me for more details. Email is the best way to contact me these days.

Current research team

Guillaume Oliviéro, Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-) Profile Picture of Dr. Guillaume Oliviéro

Guillaume completed is PhD at the University of Caen, Normandie in France. His thesis subject was on the design and implementation of the trigger system for the demonstrator module of the SuperNEMO experiment looking for neutrinoless double beta decay. He is now searching for a direct dark matter detection using liquid argon as a target, working with the DEAP-3600 experiment as Software Coordinator and Backgrounds group convener.

Bindiya Chana, Doctoral Student (2018-) Profile Picture of Bindiya Chana

Bindiya is a PhD student in Particle Physics at Carleton University. She is working on the EXO-100 and Light-only Liquid Xenon prototype systems, to carry out R&D with high-voltage and SiPM in liquid xenon toward their large-scale applications in the nEXO experiment.

Phillip DelGobbo, Master's Student (2019-)

Phillip is a Master's Student at Carleton University, working with the DEAP-3600 experiment in the analysis group. He focuses on characterizing and validating our model for alpha decays in the detector, and optimizing signal acceptance and background rejection for the dark matter search.

Timothée Cabos, Master's Internship Student (2021)

Timothée is pursuing a 3-month research internship at Carleton University, as part of his Master's degree at the Université de Montpellier. He works on the neural-network approach to position reconstruction for DEAP-3600.

Owen Darragh, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2020-21)

Owen is an undergraduate student in Physics (Astrophysics stream) at Carleton University. He is validating machine-learning algorithms used for event classification in DEAP-3600.

Kevin Gracequist, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2018, 2020-21) Profile Picture of Kevin Gracequist

Kevin is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics. He is interested in various physics phenomena, such as the nature of dark matter, the search for long lived particles, and neutrinos. In 2018, he simulated crystals of tetraphenyl budadiene on the inner detector surface of DEAP-3600. He is now improving simulations of the multi-hundred-tonnes next-generation detector ARGO.

Trevor Hoyte, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2020-21)

Trevor is an undergraduate student athlete at Carleton University, majoring in Physics in the Astrophysics stream. His past research included tumor tracking with 4DCBCT as well as top quark tagging using machine learning. His current work involves the search for solar neutrino absorption in DEAP-3600.

Jiapeng Zhang, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2020-21)

Jiapeng is an undergraduate student in Physics (Astrophysics stream) at Carleton University. He is improving simulations of alpha decays from dust particulates in DEAP-3600.

Past postdocs

Damian Goeldi, Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2020) Profile Picture of Dr. Damian Goeldi

Damian did his PhD at the University of Bern, Switzerland on the research and development of liquid argon time projection chamber neutrino detectors. He is currently working on DEAP-3600 data analysis and nEXO R&D.
"I love tinkering in the lab, which is why I'm currently testing new photosensors for future noble liquid dark matter and neutrino experiments."
Damian went on to a postdoc position at ETH Zurich.

Past students

Emily Darling, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2020) Profile Picture of Emily Darling

Emily is an undergraduate student at Queen's University, majoring in Geology and minoring in Physics. Her work involved characterizing the muon flux at DEAP-3600 and studying how it modulates in response to atmospheric changes.

Waqar Muhammad, Post-BSc Research Assistant (2018-2019) Profile Picture of Waqar Muhammad

Waqar is a graduate in Physics from Carleton University. In his work with the DEAP-3600 collaboration, he developed code for data analysis and low-level data processing, position reconstruction and background discrimination with machine learning.

Jérémie LePage-Bourbonnais, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2019)

In 2019, Jérémie carried out position reconstruction studies for DEAP-3600: he reviewed and improved reconstruction algorithms, and characterized the flow of liquid argon in the detector.

James Hughes, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2019)

In co-supervision with Prof. Razvan Gornea, James designed electronic printed circuit boards to read out analog silicon photomultipliers.

Michael Sloan, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2019)

Michael validated the alpha background model of DEAP-3600, and improved simulations of alpha decays from dust particulates.

Adam Smith-Orlik, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2019)

Adam improved the time profile of simulated argon-39 beta decays in DEAP-3600. His presentation at CUPC 2020 won the Nuclear and Particle category award.

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