Here is the ball-lightning story.  Who knew it was such a unique experience?  On the other hand, it is one of those scenarios which remains stuck in memory.

The place was Kirk's Ferry in the Gatineau, half-way up to the road (105) from the Gatineau River,  just south of the Larrimac Golf Club.  As far as I remember, it was in the summer of 1964, the year my first daughter was born.  I think we only rented that cottage for that one summer.  Either July or August.  The power was out for three or four days if not more.

I was standing at the door of the screen porch which was on the north side of the cottage, looking out at the small sleep cabin, just room for a double bed and small side table about ten feet away.  I cannot remember whether it had electricity but I don't think so.  Suddenly, there was a round ball of fire or light in front of me, between me and the cabin with a simultaneous clap of thunder.   It didn't last for any appreciable amount of time although I do remember it quite clearly.  On checking the cabin later, we found wood splintered around a nail near the floor.  I do remember being surprised that it would have gone to the nail.   

Claire ApSimon