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  Personal Statement

B. J. JaroszAs a retired member of the Carleton University Physics Department, which offers graduate and honours undergraduate programs in Physics, I have taught and participated in numerous facets of activities at both graduate and undergraduate level. This participation, apart from membership on number of departmental, faculty, and university committees, included advising graduate students in medical physics (former Academic Officer) and undergraduate students (former Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, former program advisor, etc.).

Research in the Department is focused in two key areas, Medical  and Particle Physics. My affiinity is Medical Physics.

exp_adjMy research pertains to medical ultrasound.  More specifically, as described in more detail in Research we are interested in interstitial deposition of ultrasound into abnormal tissue with the goal of elevating the tissue temperature to a pre-determined level.  This procedure, known as thermal therapy, leads eventually to tissue necrosis.

Our past experimental work concentrated on development of interstitial applicator, temperature measurement, determination of heating effects in tissue phantoms and in tissue in vitro and in vivo. The current efforts focus on 3-D Finite Element Analysis computations of heating effects for the organ of interest, the brain, with realistically shaped models. Our computations evalute the role of the blood flow and other sructural details in achieving the required thermal dose.  


Academic courses
PHYS 3306/3308
Modern Physics II
PHYS 4203
Physical Application of Fourier Analysis
PHYS 5203
Medical Radiation Physics


Boguslaw J. Jarosz,  Ph. D.
Adjunct Research Professor
Department of Physics
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