Carleton Physics -- Visitor information


We often book visitors a room in the Gasthaus Switzerland Inn, at 89 Daly Avenue, 1-888-663-0000 or 613-237-0335. They provide free wireless internet and breakfast, and are located near ByTowne (touristy area with lots of restaurants). They also offer a special rate for Carleton Physics.

Getting to the Gasthaus...

...from the train station

If you're coming to Ottawa from Toronto or Montreal, you may enjoy taking the train. See the VIA Rail website for schedules and bookings. To get from the train station to the Gasthaus Switzerland, you could take a taxi (about $7; try for example Blue Line Taxi, 613-238-1111) or the #95 bus towards Baseline/Fallowfield, and get off at Laurier or Mackenzie-King. The #95 follows the Transitway (the purple line on this map). See the OCTranspo website for the schedule (the train station is between St. Laurent and Hurdman) and map.

...from the airport

If you're coming to Ottawa by plane, you should know about the very convenient connection on the #97 bus to/from the airport. The bus runs every 10 to 15 minutes during the middle of the day -- see the OCTranspo website for schedules -- and keeps running till quite late at night. If you plan to take the bus, you should pick up a sheet of 10 tickets at the ground transportation kiosk in the airport ($1.95 for 2 tickets = 1 ride; in cash it's $3 per ride). For the Gasthaus Switzerland, again you should get off at Laurier or Mackenzie-King. The #97 will be going north along the Transitway (the purple line on this map). See the OCTranspo website for the schedule and map. One can also take a taxi to/from the airport. Try for example Blue Line Taxi, 613-238-1111.

If you're coming from outside Canada, there's a currency exchange booth in the airport, but their rates are not very good. There's also an ATM (cash machine, bank machine) in the airport; it's over on the right-hand side of the arrivals hall as you come out of the baggage claim areas.

If you will be turning in your airline ticket receipt for reimbursement from us, please keep your boarding passes; we will need them.

Getting to Carleton

Unfortunately it's too far (about 1 hour?) to walk from the Gasthaus Switzerland to Carleton, but one can catch the #4 or #7 bus. They both run about four times an hour on weekdays. See the OCTranspo website for bus schedules [#4, #7] and route maps [#4, #7].

To catch the #4 or #7 bus to Carleton from the Gasthaus Switzerland, walk north-northwest two blocks to Rideau St, cross Rideau St, and then turn left and walk one or two blocks further to the big set of bus shelters. This is the Rideau Centre stop. There's a newsagent behind the bus shelters (next to The Bay dept store) which sells bus tickets in sheets of 10 ($1.95 for 2 tickets = 1 ride; in cash it's $3 per ride). From there, the bus takes 25 to 30 min to get to Carleton. The #7 terminates at Carleton, but the #4 continues onward.

The #7 should say "Carleton" on the front. If it says "St. Laurent", you're on the wrong side of the street. Don't take the 7X; it terminates before reaching Carleton. The #4 should say "Carleton U. / Hurdman".

Parking at Carleton

Please contact one of us for parking options. Otherwise, your best bet for parking is the multi-storey parking structure / parkade / parking ramp / parking garage, which is labeled "PG" on the campus map. Follow the signs to the visitor parking levels. You should pay at the machine ($10 for all day; it accepts cash or credit cards) and then leave the ticket on your dashboard. *** Note that the parking garage is currently closed until August 2008. ***

Finding the Physics Building

Physics is in Herzberg Laboratories, which is labeled "HP" on the campus map. (The buses will stop on Campus Avenue in front of the Minto Centre, labeled MC on the map.) Signs around campus will also direct you to Herzberg. Office room numbers for individual faculty members are given on their individual pages, linked from the Physics faculty directory.

Last updated 2008-06-24. Corrections or additions -- please email logan at physics dot carleton dot ca.